"Love your home again"


                  PGCrenovations is making Renovations more affordable each and everyday!!!

Tired of your home?

We all get tired of looking at the same things over and over, kitchen is looking worn out, bathroom is looking from the 70's, renovations costs are going through the roof. Well most of that is probably true except for the renovation cost, yes i'm sure the expense is probably more than most can handle but, considering the cost of water and hydro these days. Yea we all know the cost is crazy! Now lets look at what you pay for all of these bills and consider that, a new bathroom or Kitchen will cut down on my water and hydro because, new bathroom and Kitchen fixtures are less water consuming and well LED fixtures burn less hydro. So when you really think about it, renovations actually save me money!! Smart thinking!! PGCrenovations is more of a company than your thinking, We take out the old and install the new, that right!! We update houses all the way through with our contracting services. We have a crew of people, all licensed and ready to help you save money. So let see, I don't have to check out the crew just the main company, saves me time and we all know that time is way to short. kids in sports, infants that need my attention, oh and that late night meetings or oh yea, grocery night and than laundry :(((((((. PGCrenovations look after your each and every need. In most cases that I have seen, sometimes a house makeover is what most people need and not the complete tear down and rebuild, check out our gallery of pictures and see what we've been up to and hey,  Maybe it's time to "Love your home again"!

PGCRenovations is here to make your life very easy when it comes to all types of renovations, we do cost efficient estimating, combined with our experience staff and come up with the best possible solutions for your needs. We have licensed electricians, plumbers, tradesmen that with make sure the job is done and done right, We are well known for our workmanship and we don't consider any job complete, without a smile from you!! Some of our services are bathrooms, kitchens, basement renovations, decks, pavilions, windows, doors, siding, garage doors, garages, sheds, etc. So if your thinking of "loving your home again" call the Professional at PGCrenovations and let us do the renovations work for you!!