PGC Renovations originated from the taping industry. Protape which is known for their high end speed taping. Using products like Sheetrock 90 to speed up the process, also made for a long lasting finish. What I mean by that is, Sheetrock 90 shrinks in 90 minutes and that is great for customer because, as year go by regular mud shrinks and leaves a dent line along side of steel bead. By shrinking and setting in 90 minutes, also allows use to continue on with the coating. We also do California ceilings and painting and for most of you that have seen a good taper, we have a steady hand for painting. We use C.I.L Premium paint for all our interior finishes and even after 25 years of painting, it still provides customers with an amazing finish and great durability.   
PGCrenovations 1987